2-way integrations with CRMs and Sequencing Tools


Track your accounts by connecting your CRM

When you connect your CRM to MSB, we'll pull in your accounts. Then, you set keywords you care about, and we'll track signals every day on:

Global Business News

All companies are checked daily against thousands of news sources, so you can reach out when companies are in the press.

Hiring Alerts

We'll return relevant job postings from your target companies. If they're investing in people, they're investing in tools, and it's a great time to reach out.

Funding Alerts

When a company you track raises a new round of funding, we'll let you know. That way, you can reach out as they budget for new purchases.

New Hires and Promotions

When an employee you target is hired or promoted, we'll alert you and add them to your CRM, so you can reach out and start a conversation!

Always in the loop

Prospect Socials

When we find new signals, we'll return relevant prospects along with their LinkedIn profiles

Prospect Emails

We find email addresses for prospects, so you can add them to a sequence or email them directly from the relevant signal!

Send Sequences from Signals

Each signal is different. You can add prospects from a signal into a sequence, which we pull in from your integrated tools. This way, your personalization only takes seconds!

Add new prospects to CRM

When we find new people at a company, chances are, they're not in your CRM. We'll add them, their title, and their email address to your CRM so you can work with the latest data

Maintain data reliability

By updating your CRM with new prospects and checking new accounts that are in your name, your territory's data will never be stale again