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Ryan Doyle

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Magic Sales Bot in 1 Minute

Magic Sales Bot in 1 Minute

How to Use Magic Sales Bot

Magic Sales Bot streamlines your prospecting by compiling intel on your prospects in one place. This lets you book more meetings by giving you an actionable list of who to prospect, each day.

Step 1: Upload Companies into Magic Sales Bot

CSV Upload Screen

When you click "Add a Company" on the left, a pop-up will appear letting you add singular companies or multiple companies. We find most users start getting good results when they upload 50 or more companies, so we'll show the CSV Upload process here.

All you need to upload is a CSV of your accounts. That CSV should have a single column titled URL with just the URLs of your accounts, like this: CSV Sample

Once added, scroll down to add your preferred roles. If you typically sell to Product Managers, good comma-seperated titles to include would be "Product, PM". This way, when we find relevant prospects or job postings, we can make them specific to your needs.

Roles Box

Step 2: Hit Submit!

When you submit, the screen will load for a moment before giving a success message, like this: Success Message

We'll start the initial data scrape of all of your companies, at a rate of 1 company a minute.

You can stay on the signals screen and see the initial signals it creates for you, or wait for it to email you that all companies have successfully uploaded. Initial Signals

Step 3: Start Prospecting

Every morning, you'll get an email with new signals found that day on your accounts. Use these to reach out to prospects and stand out from the crowd! Signals Email

We encourage you to click into your dashboard, where you can not only filter your signals, you can also email relevant prospects directly from the signal itself:


We call this QuickMail, and it allows you to drastically speed up how quickly you can go from research mode to prospecting mode.

Step 4: Tweak to fit your style

Want to only get certain types of signals or change up what titles you target?

Click your email address from the bottom-left of the dashboard to bring up your settings, which looks like this: Settings

From here, you can change any of the toggles to get the signals that most fit your needs. Make sure to hit save at the bottom, so that tomorrow's signals can have your updated settings!

Use your new powers wisely! You've just sped up your prospecting workflow and will be booking meetings easier than ever.

Feedback? Feel free to email me at

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