Cold EmailEasy 50% Open Rates with Close Sequences

Ryan Doyle

Owner, Magic Sales Bot

Actual candid photo of me prospecting, above.

Using Magic Sales Bot to sell Magic Sales Bot

Prospecting has been easier since I've integrated with Close, which I use as a CRM and Sequencing tool.

I've picked up a few new customers from about 30 minutes of work. Here are the stats on my sequences so far: Close Stats

It's above 50% for opens, almost 10% for replies.


When I was a fulltime inside sales rep, the most successful prospecting happened when we could act on an "inside scoop" about a company.

It was also the most time consuming. Tracking hundreds of companies in a multitude of tools, every day, was near impossible.

It's what led me to build this tool, Magic Sales Bot, to monitor prospects and give sales reps a daily dose of research to speed up their prospecting.

But most tools provide research. Few marry it with action. All the research is for naught if it's not acted on.

Enter Close

I first met the folks at Close through Calm Fund. Phil Freo, a mentor through Calm and the VP of Product at Close, reached out when I joined the fund.

My product was in a totally different space at the time, but I kept my eye on Close because I loved their content. Over the last year, I was fortunate to meet their CEO Steli, and their Partnerships lead, James.

After pivoting my product to its current state, I started using Close to manage leads and conversations I was having. I also started playing around with their Sequencing feature, which created an opportunity for me:

What if I could automate the emails from new Prospecting Signals as they came in?

Thus, my Close integration was born. Now, automating personalized emails is as easy as: Close/Magic Sales Bot

It's been helping me balance sales with the slew of demands that face a solo founder. I spend a few minutes in the morning sending sequences, and enjoy about a 6% email-to-meeting ratio.

The numbers show - it's a powerful tactic to automate emails off the sequences. So far it's been my strongest acquisition channel for net new meetings.

How it works

  1. Go to your Close settings Close Settings

  2. Go to "API Keys" and Create New Key Create new key

  3. Copy your key! copy the key

  4. In your Magic Sales Bot onboarding, enter your key and roles to track MSB onboarding

  5. Hit submit, and we'll integrate! Integrating with Close

  6. Find relevant signals, and add them to your close sequences! easy sequencing

What's next?

While I have plans for a broader array of integrations, I also intend to deepen this one, both because of the functionality of Close and the helpfulness of their team.

Right now, I pull in accounts from Close and start tracking them, and can send new leads back and add them to sequences. I'd like to populate their data within my dashboard when users are viewing Leads/Contacts.

Eventually, I'd like to help sales managers understand a fuller picture of all signals in their territory. That way, they can know which territories can be likely to have their reps hit quota, or coach sellers where to look for opportunity.