Prospect EffectivelyCreative Prospecting Ideas: New Strategies for 2022

Ryan Doyle

Owner, Magic Sales Bot

Creative Prospecting Strategies for 2022

No more hacky approaches or shortcuts. How do you really get your prospects to notice you?

We've got the same tools as everyone else. LinkedIn, Email, and Cold Calls make up the bread and butter. But if you're doing these activities and not seeing results, it's time to rethink your strategy.

I'm not talking about sending handwritten notes or cutesy gifts. Only real, scalable, strategies to land the conversation in a more creative way.

Standing out from the crowd

What the crowd looks like

You know what every seller's outreach looks like: bad sales email

I didn't have to try hard to find that. It was literally the first email in my inbox.

Zero understanding of my business. Zero value for me unless I hop on a call with an unknown goal. Zero chance it works.

If this is what you're up against, landing the meeting should be easy.

How you can differentiate

When you do your outreach, you only need to get creative with two aspects: The context you're personalizing around and the value you deliver for free.

Here's what one of my recent sales emails looks like: good sales email

It took all of 5 minutes to put together. This campaign got 90% opens, 30% replies, and booked a demo within 3 days of being sent. email stats

So, what specifically is at work here?

The Context

In this specific instance, I mentioned that I was a user of the platform. It signals that I know their business. Context is important, because it allows you to tailor your pitch beyond just the prospect's name, but to their current needs. I didn't see any pressing context for this company, so I leaned on my own usage of the platform.

The context you should look out for includes new funding rounds, financial reports, new hires/promotions, job postings, and company news.

When the first line of your email can start with "Congrats on the funding!" or "I read this quote in your 10-K", the rest of your email will naturally flow from that contextual situation to why it makes sense for them to speak with you.

We call these "Intent Signals," and if you can solely do your outreach based on their happening, you can book a lot more meetings. Better, Magic Sales Bot can track your companies and alert you when these signals appear.

The Free Value

When the prospect opens my email, the first thing they see is a big image of my face on their website. That's because I recorded a 1 minute Loom video of how I could help them. I started it on their website. Then I screenshotted the thumbnail, put it in the email, and linked to my video.

On one hand, it doesn't matter if they watch the video. They see that I've taken the time to prepare something for just their business, which stands out.

On the other, it's the free value I deliver. Even if they don't meet with me, they still get something out of the interaction.

What can you give away for free as a teaser to your business? Newsflash: If your prospect's don't want something for free from you, they definitely won't want to buy it from you.

Become your prospect’s number one priority

When you can lead with the context that your prospect is living in, and show the value you're able to deliver, you're going to be able to position yourself as an expert.

In this dynamic, you'll take much more precedence than the thousand other spammy salespeople in your prospect's inbox.

When they know that you have their best interest in mind and you've taken the time to understand your business, you'll earn their attention. And when you do, your replies will start looking like this: good reply

Create stickier deal cycles

You're not going to be able to pump out a thousand of these emails every day. That's ok. In fact, it's preferable.

When you can tie yourself to the context of a potential deal, your cycles will become stickier. That means they'll be more likely to close.

If your pipe is full of deals that are more likely to close, your life just became a hell of a lot easier. You won't need as many deals. You can report to your pipeline meeting more confidently. All because you followed the trail of their context instead of trying to create urgency out of thin air.

Personalization is more than just {{firstName}} and {{company}}

To really be creative, you need to personalize on the context that your prospects are living in.

It's a strategy that works for me and for thousands of other top sellers who hit quota every quarter.

If you want help getting started on tracking the context that your prospects are operating in, take the free trial for Magic Sales Bot and start monitoring your prospects today.