PersonalizeHow Personalized Does My Cold Email Need To Be To Land Meetings?

Ryan Doyle

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How Personalized Does My Cold Email Need To Be To Land Meetings?

Nobody wants a spammy or irrelevant email popping up in their inbox. A “one size fits all” cold email can sound exactly like that. If you’re looking to blast into cold emailing with a solid goal, you’re going to want to make it personalized. All the way. While you don’t need to adhere to set guidelines (some personality is mandatory!), going by a basic structure can make a massive difference. So, how do you make your cold email worth the time of high-level execs who have anything but time? Hunt through the blog to find the answers!

Getting Started…

Before setting to draft the email, there are certain ‘ground rules’ you might want to follow. You want to strike a connection with your prospect, elevate your engagement rates, and hopefully get those conversions in the bag.

Remember, the email needs to put the spotlight on the receiver and not on what you’re selling. If the receiver is intrigued enough, you don’t have to worry about the rest. That said, the first thing to do here is to strike a relationship with your prospect. Keep in mind they probably know nothing about you or your organization.

When you’re about to start out, try putting yourself in their shoes. From start to the end, your prospect must feel that you and your organization understand their pain points. Jumping the gun to directly deal with the sales part simply won’t do the job.

The goal here is to tailor your email around your prospect’s challenges and show them how exactly you can resolve them.

Choose A Winning Opener

Your opening line is the “hook” – something that unlocks your prospect’s curiosity and encourages them to dive deeper into the email.

As good as the thought of it seems, this requires you to do a fair amount of homework. Did the recipient recently get promoted? What are their interests? Research about them and their organization as much as you can first. Here’s how you can craft some great openers by including:

The most recent news related to the prospect – have they recently won any awards? Is their organization opening a new branch? What notable achievements do they have? Comprehensive knowledge about their product. Common interests you might have with your prospect.

Here are a few examples of a great opening line:

“I recently learned that you won the (XXX award). You are an inspiration for the generation of young, smart people who want to make a difference.” “Loved your thoughts on the recent (XXX topic). Your powerful piece shed light on issues that I personally needed to be addressed.”

Target the Pain Points and Serve Them A Tailer-Made Solution

Now that you have their attention, it’s time to explain the purpose of reaching out to them. After a great opening line, try and get straight to the point. Remember, the email body is about the prospect – the challenges they currently face and how you can help fix them. Here’s what you can talk about:

Why you’re reaching out How your organization can bring solutions to the table What they’ll gain from starting a business relationship with you

Again, if you’re thorough with your research, you may have found the challenges they face. These need to highlighted in the email. Don’t just mention a list of product features. Instead, let them know you’re here to help and further understand their pain points. Here’s an example to get you going:

“I’ve been researching about your company. I noticed that you’re facing issues with (mention the problem) mainly because you’re not equipped with the right system. Our (name of the product) can provide you with a centralized system to manage all your organization’s tasks in one place. This will lower redundant workload and increase productivity.”

Social Proof Your Email

Social proof – a social and psychological phenomenon – is about how people conform to the ones who demonstrate similar behaviors.

You may have done your own little research on your prospect. But they barely know anything about you. So, how do you build trust and credibility if you’re a full-blown stranger to them?

The answer lies somewhere in the concept of social proofing.

Say you and your prospect share a mutual connection. The best idea when writing to them would be to use this connection to your advantage. Can’t find a mutual connection? Not a concern. Try finding any commonality you two might have – say you have similar hobbies or are from the same city or perhaps you are members of the game group.

Another way to construct credibility would be to share your Companiess, case studies, or other user-generated content. You can also build a sense of trust by mentioning how you helped many well-known customers. Present actual numbers and statistics to help them understand your work better. Here are some examples to get you going:

“I noticed you and I are a part of the (XXX group) on LinkedIn. The sessions did wonders for me! What was your experience like?” “We recently helped (name the company) boost their ROI to 10% within 8 months.”

The Subject-Line is the Main Weapon

The key that unlocks the door – the subject line decides whether your message would reach the prospect or not. Not surprisingly, coming up with a more personalized subject line can up the chances of opening the email by 50%.

A great hack for creating a gripping subject line would be to include their first name, interest, birthdays, location, or anniversaries. Avoid spam trigger words like ‘grab’ or ‘free’ at all costs.

Craft a CTA that Converts

At the endpoint of your email, it’s best to come up with a straightforward and simple CTA. Use it to clarify the purpose of your email and get the prospect to take the action you suggest.

A great example would be something in the lines of, “Nancy, let’s schedule a quick call this (date and time) to discuss this further. (Add a Google Meet link or a link to your calendar).”

Personalization fail-proofs your cold emails. But it also takes a fair bit of work from your side. ** If you need help with doing your homework better before prospecting, you might want to explore Magic Sales Bot. **

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