Act On Intent DataBest 6Sense Alternative (2022)

Ryan Doyle

Owner, Magic Sales Bot

6Sense promises to help with revenue optimization, and sales prioritization. But by serving both marketers and sellers, it neglects real needs of sellers.

Intent Data is Half the Picture

Seeing what your prospect companies are googling is great. It's key to know what your prospects are in the market for, now. In fact, we also bring in intent data that's the same as 6Sense's: intent data

Too Little Too Late

When you get intent data, your prospects are out in the market, making decisions, today. 6Sense doesn't help you see the precursors to the intent, so you end up getting to the sales cycle late. Your competitors are already there, and you're no closer to your quota than your pre-6Sense days.

Pre-Intent Data

Before your prospects are in a buying mode, they're leaving a digital trail that shows what's about to come. They're posting jobs for someone to run a new piece of software. They promoted an executive to lead up a new initiative. They raise funding to double down on growth.

These are the signals that you need to reach out on. These decisions that your prospects are making snowball into their purchase decisions. But by the time they're Googling, it's too late - they already know what they're looking for.

You have to guide them to the right buying decisions. When you reach out around these pre-intent signals, you can be the first (and sometimes, only) vendor in the conversation, creating simpler, stickier deal cycles.

How to Monitor Pre-Intent Signals

I built Magic Sales Bot for exactly this reason. No getting into deal cycles too late. No researching across LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, Crunchbase, and Shangri-La every day in order to know what's worth prioritizing.


When you upload your account list to MSB, you get a daily digest of all pre-intent signals happening at your target companies. And unlike 6Sense, it integrates directly with tools like That way you can go from targeted insight to prospecting, instantly.