Laugh, or Cry22 Sales Memes for 2022

Ryan Doyle

Owner, Magic Sales Bot

From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, all salespeople can relate to these memes. Go have a laugh, maybe a cry, then try Magic Sales Bot if you want to fix your pipeline.

1. The CDC and your BDR manager are on the same page

2. "I know the world is ending, but you haven't hit your activity quota this week"

3. Being forced to follow up with that prospect who's def not a fit

4. Your new territory has all the hot leads

5. When you go to your manager for a discount because "they'll sign right away"

6. You're doing whatever it takes to close the deal

7. "If this doesn't book a meeting, I quit."

8. The one time you pick up the phone, you get this guy

9. Bo Hucks is a monster

10. Everyone gets along with marketing

11. Let's switch up comp plans while we're at it

12. "Oh yeah my pipeline's solid"

13. He's a closer, that's the only reason he's on this call

14. "I usually don't respond to sales emails but this was great. But..."

15. Wish I was.

16. Sometimes they also buy me $5 Starbucks cards when I land a meeting

17. I close every deal.

18. We'll get to the end of this quarter, just to start at 0 next quarter

19. It's been 30 minutes since I called her, let's call her again

20. What do I put in the closed/lost?

21. Still, your VP sends you all of the posts this guy makes

22. The new job is not all it's cracked up to be

Hope you enjoy it, and hope Magic Sales Bot gives you less reason to fill the void in your heart with memes!

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