I used to be a sales rep. I believe sales is so damn hard because our tools are built by people who know nothing about sales. I learned to code, and I make this tool to take the pain out of prospecting.

  • Ryan Doyle

    The one guy who builds this tool

    Farm boy turned sales guy who learned to code.

The Story

A better way to prospect

I've been a SaaS BDR and an AE. I've always prospected. 1 targeted email always outperformed 100 blasted emails, but it was time consuming and inefficient.

At the same time, we had every sales tool under the sun, from ZoomInfo to Sales Nav and more. They didn't solve the main problem though: Reps don't have time to research all their accounts, daily, searching for that one nugget.

So after learning to code, I went full-time on building Magic Sales Bot to:

  1. Monitor a sales rep's entire territory
  2. Aggregate all research on signals they care about
  3. Provide signals and prospect info to make targeted emails fast, effective, and easy

My first user, during my onboarding call, spotted a signal he had missed in his giant sales-tech stack of data tools. He reached out during the call, was able to book a meeting, and landed a $70k deal that could have gone to his main competitor. That's when I felt that I was onto something.

I now use Magic Sales Bot in order to sell itself. I have companies I'd like to sell to, I upload them into my tool, and everyday I get signals on them. I press a few buttons to add them to personalized sequences based on the signal, and can get about 50 sequences out in a few minutes. At the time of writing this, about 6% of these emails turn into meetings, which is pretty cool.

It's important that I do this fast because I'm the one guy who codes this tool, sells it, supports it, everything. I've been fortunate to get backing from Calm Fund in 2021, and I'm aiming to work with 100 businesses in 2022.

I appreciate you reading this, giving Magic Sales Bot a try, and supporting an indie developer!