Get an actionable list of who's ready to buy, today.

Magic Sales Bot makes cold email 2x more likely to land meetings by monitoring your accounts for the perfect time to reach out.

I got signals for accounts that were in my name that I didn't know existed. I was able to get personalized notes up right away and am seeing a huge amount of engagement!

Aaron Bernstein

Account Executive, Braze

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Are your sales email cold, or trigger-based?

Trigger-based emails are possible when you have visibility into your prospect's hiring, funding, news, and other important events. We make it easy to stay on top of.

People selling more product than ever before

Cut research time by 75%

On average, salespeople spend 20% of their time researching, or 52 days per year. With Magic Sales Bot, reps can see their most actionable accounts without spending a minute on research.

People selling more product than ever before

Book 2x more meetings

Trigger-based email shows at least a 2x improvement over traditional cold email. Magic Sales Bot serves you these triggers, daily.

People selling more product than ever before

Increase deal velocity 25%

When you can see a sales opportunity from the first day it's available, you can out-maneuver your competitors and shorten your deal cycle. By monitoring your accounts daily, Magic Sales Bot makes sure you never miss an opportunity.

People selling more product than ever before

Stop leaving revenue on the table

Failing to see an opportunity arise in one of your accounts is a double whammy. Not only do you miss out on the revenue, but that revenue likely goes to your competitor.

A simpler way to prospect

Instead of carpet-bombing your account list, let us tell you which companies are experiencing change. Then, use it in your outreach for a higher likelihood of response.

Account-level and Person-level data

We monitor your accounts for news and funding, and we monitor your preferred titles at the companies themselves. This way, you'll have macro and micro level reasons to reach out.

Account-level data

Funding news, company news, and hiring within your tracked roles.

Person-level data

Are employees in your tracked roles getting hired or promoted? We'll let you know, the day it happens. Even if the lead isn't in your CRM.

Actionable, without fluff.

Our tech weeds out news articles where your target isn't actually mentioned for a more actionable, streamlined prospecting workflow you can trust.

Go straight from research to prospecting with QuickMail™

With every signal, we grab the contact information of the relevant person and of any prospects in your target role. You're a few clicks from signal to sent email, meaning you'll be prospecting faster than ever before.

Individual QuickMail™

When someone's promoted, hired, or has an anniversary, click directly from the signal to email them or visit them on LinkedIn!

Intelligent QuickMail™

For funding, news, and hiring signals, we gather all leads who match your desired role. Then, you're one click from emailing them!

Always in the loop

With daily monitoring and digests, your latest batch of signals will be in your inbox before you're at work for the day. Knocking out prospecting first-thing will be a breeze!

Daily Digests

The latest signals, in addition to being in your dashboard, are messaged to you daily.

Straight to the Source

All daily signals include sources, so you can go in-depth on any of the triggers we pick up about your prospects.

Simple monthly pricing

You'll book more meetings or your money back, no questions asked.

Monthly Subscription

What's included

  • Up to 250 tracked companies

  • Daily monitoring and alerting

  • 6 different types of signals, with more added regularly

  • Contact LinkedIn profiles and email addresses

7 day trial, no card needed.


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What ROI can I expect?

My cold email lands meetings % of the time.I send emails a week.Our average deal size is $ a year.
My ROI is $433290 a year
How do we calculate this? Switching to trigger-based sales shows at least a 2x conversion rate over regular cold email for our users.

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