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Magic Sales Bot is an AI-powered tool for creating cold emails that are personalized for each lead.

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Our AI grabs info about your business and your prospects. All emails look like they were written by a human!

Lead Data

You get LinkedIn profiles and emails for potential recipients every time you run the tool.

The Salesperson's Sidekick


Cold emails need to feel warm. Magic Sales Bot writes emails that are personalized to your company


We pull in your prospect's recent news and company info to tailor the email to them


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Linkedin Data

Save time finding your prospect's Linkedin and email - we return that for you!

Unlimited Emails

Generate as many sales emails as you need - we understand each prospect will need unique messaging.

Lifetime Lock-in

This tool is constantly growing and evolving. When you sign up, you lock in your price for life.

Is this right for me?

Magic Sales Bot is built for professional salespeople.

If you:

  • Send 10+ sales emails a day
  • Sell a product that requires getting people on a call
  • Sell to businesses and the executives that run them

Magic Sales Bot will help you write better emails, faster.

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Get AI-created emails for unlimited companies

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Fill Your Pipeline

Save Time

Spend almost no time doing manual research and writing emails

More Activity

Scale your pipe generation program without having to hire more people

Better Emails

Create copy that's more valuable, personalized, and relevant to your prospects

30-day money back guarantee

Not satisfied? Use us for a month with a no-hassle money back guarantee

Hi, I'm Ryan

I went from selling SaaS to building it.

Ryan Doyle

I appreciate you taking a look at MSB - as a sales guy, the tools we used were always built from the wrong perspective. More emails, faster, to more people.

I'm hoping to change that by providing tools with an emphasis on quality over quantity. Sales jobs are tough enough. You might be able to fudge hitting your daily email numbers, but your quota doesn't lie.

You need real, tailored, outreach to get to your goal.

Magic Sales Bot - Write sales emails 10x faster with GPT-3 | Product Hunt